Everyone loves chocolate. In fact, some people would eat it all day long if they could; maybe even take a bath in it. Well, although we don’t do chocolate filled baths, here at Chocolate Buttons, we can provide you with almost any chocolate product you can imagine. From chocolate eggs to chocolate coins, give your sweet tooth a treat with our delicious products.



Chocolate Buttons specialises in all kinds of confectionery. So whether you’re after giant swirly pops or chocolate hearts, we have some delicious treats for you to choose from. Have a look through our confectionery and you will be spoiled for choice. We can even help you to create some beautiful gifts for special occasions.


Retro Sweets

It’s great when you come across something which reminds you of your childhood. And retro sweets do exactly that. From bon bons and strawberry laces to flying saucers and sherbet fountains, we have all the retro sweets you could possibly want to bring back those childhood memories.


Sweet Shop

Remember that feeling of going into your favourite sweet shop when you were a child? Well with Chocolate Buttons, you can relive that feeling again and again. Our online sweet shop sells everything you can imagine; from retro flying saucers to chocolate coins. It’s the perfect treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.