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Bonnerex Candy Chocolate Brazils
Bonnerex Candy Chocolate Dates (Chopped)
Bonnerex Candy Chocolate Fruit and Nut
Bonnerex Candy Chocolate Honeycomb
Bonnerex Candy Chocolate Peanuts
Bonnerex Candy Chocolate Raisins
Buchanan's Chocolate Caramels (2.5kg Bag)
Caramel Peanuts
From £2.90
Caramel Peanuts
Caramel Raisins
From £2.60
Caramel Raisins
Carob Coated Brazils
Carob Coated Ginger
Carob Coated Peanuts
Carob Coated Raisins
Carol Anne Dark Chocolate Covered Brazils
Carol Anne Dark Chocolate Covered Roasted Coffee Beans
Carol Anne Dark Chocolate Ginger
Carol Anne Milk Chocolate Brazils
Carol Anne Milk Chocolate Covered Banana Chips
Carol Anne Milk Chocolate Covered Honeycombe Bites
Carol Anne Milk Chocolate Peanuts
Carol Anne Milk Chocolate Raisins
Carol Anne White Chocolate Raisins
Carol Anne Yoghurt Coated Brazils
Carol Anne Yoghurt Coated Dried Cranberries
Carol Anne Yoghurt Coated Peanuts
Carol Anne Yoghurt Coated Raisins
Chocolate Flavour Footballs (3kg Bag)
Chocolate Flavour Sports Balls (3kg Bag)
Cinder Toffee Chocolate Covered
Dark Chocolate Cranberries
Dark Chocolate Honeycomb
Dark Chocolate Peanuts
Dark Chocolate Raisins
Foiled Mini Eggs (3kg Bag)
Glisten Assorted Sugar Strands (3kg Bag)
Glisten Chocolate Mini Eggs (3kg Bag)
Jenny's Lucky Tatties (2.27kg Jar)
Kingsway Brown Drops (3kg Bag)
Kingsway Candy Cones (3kg Bag)
Kingsway Chewing Nuts (3kg Bag)

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