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Haribo Fruity Frogs (Tub of 300)
Kingsway Dracula Teeth (3kg Bag)
Barratt Black Jack Chews (Box of 400)
Original Black Jack Chews (535g Gift Jar)
Kingsway Crocodiles (3kg Bag)
Luxury Milk Chocolate Skull Mix Foiled Balls
Foil Chocolate Frogs (Box of 75)
Jelly Bean Pirate Swords (Box of 12)
Trolli Dracula 200g (Box of 12)
Trolli Mini Dracula (Box of 150)
Alma Skull Crushers (Tub of 120)
Hannah's Brain Licker Balls 60ml (Box of 12)
Kingsway Jelly Filled Skulls (1kg Bag)
Toxic Waste Purple Drum (Box of 12)
Toxic Waste Green Drum (Box of 12)
Vidal Jelly Filled Brains (Tub of 120)
Toxic Waste Red Drums (Box of 12)
Crazy Candy Factory Psycho Mice (Tub of 120)
Brain Licker (Box of 12)
Kingsway Fizzy Dracula Teeth (3kg Bag)
Toxic Waste Yellow Tubs (Box of 12)
Zed Candy Eye Poppers (Box of 45)
Treacle Pan Lollipops (Jar of 50)
Stockley's Treacle Toffee (3kg Bag)
Barratt Black Jack Stick Packs (Box of 40)
Dobsons Treacle Mega Lollies (Jar of 90)

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