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After Eight Premium Easter Egg 400g
Cadbury Creme Egg (Box of 48)
Cadbury Creme Egg 5 Pack
Cadbury Creme Egg Giant Easter Egg 495g
Cadbury Creme Egg HOD Unit (Box of 288)
Cadbury Creme Egg Minis Bag 89g (Box of 22)
Cadbury Dairy Milk & Mini Oreo Egg 123g
Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Egg 72g (Box of 12)
Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg 'n' Spoon Oreo
Cadbury Dairy Milk Hollow Bunny 100g
Cadbury Dairy Milk Mini Bunnies 5 Pack
Cadbury Double Decker Large Easter Egg 287g
Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Pack 176g
Cadbury Flake Large Easter Egg 274g
Cadbury Heroes Large Easter Egg 254g
Cadbury Mini Eggs Bags 80g (Box of 24)
Cadbury Mini Eggs Share Bag 296g
Cadbury Mini Eggs Tubes 96g (Box of 12)
Cadbury Roses Large Easter Egg 280g
Ferrero Rocher Giant Easter Egg
Ferrero Rocher Plastic Easter Egg T16
Foiled Mini Eggs (3kg Bag)
Galaxy Easter Indulgence Large Egg 308g
Galaxy Golden Eggs Bag 80g (Box of 22)
Galaxy Golden Eggs Sharing Pouch 340g
Galaxy Minstrels Large Easter Egg 262g
Glisten Chocolate Mini Eggs (3kg Bag)
Guylian Filled Mini Eggs 185g
Guylian Flame Egg 200g
Guylian Seashell Egg 275g
Haribo Jelly Bunnies (3kg Bag)
Haribo Jelly Bunnies Bags £1 PM (Box of 12)
Kinder Fluffy Toy With Kinder Minis
Kinder Mini Easter Figures 3 Pack
Kinder Mini Eggs Bag 75g (Box of 22)

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