SOFT - Fudge, Coconut & Turkish Delight

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Brays Coconut Toasties (2.5kg Bag)
Buchanan's Macaroon Bars 110g (Box of 12)
Jameson's Raspberry Ruffles (1.5kg Jar)
Kingsway Lonka Chocolate Fudge (2kg Tub)
Kingsway Lonka Fudge Crunch (1.4kg Tub)
Kingsway Lonka Rum & Raisin Fudge (2kg Tub)
Kingsway Turkish Delight (2.7kg Box)
Kingsway Wrapped Vanilla Fudge (3kg Bag)
Lonka Banoffee Duo Fudge (2kg Tub)
Lonka Caramel & Sea Salt Fudge (2kg Tub)
Lonka Chocolate & Vanilla Fudge (2kg Tub)
Lonka Vanilla Fudge (2kg Tub)
Stockley's Clotted Cream Fudge (2kg Tub)
Stockley's Coconut Ice (2kg Tub)
Stockley's Liquorice Fudge (2kg Tub)
Sweet Tobacco (1kg Bag)
Taveners Coconut Mushrooms (3kg Bag)

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