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Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs Carton 420g
Terry's Chocolate Orange Dark 157g
Nestle Walnut Whips (Box of 36)
Snickers Chocolate Bar 50g (Box of 24)
Galaxy Golden Eggs Bag 80g (Box of 22)
Galaxy Golden Eggs Sharing Pouch 340g
Nestle Rolo Pouch 116g (Box of 8)
Kinder Mini Eggs Bag 75g (Box of 22)
Cadbury Wispa 36g PM (Box of 48)
Kinder Chocolate 5 Pack (Box of 24)
Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo 41g (Box of 36)
Cadbury Mini Eggs Tubes 96g (Box of 12)
Cadbury Mini Eggs Share Bag 296g
Mars Bar Standard (Box of 48)
Nestle Kit Kat Bites Pouch 81g PM (Box of 10)
Galaxy Minstrels Standard Bag (Box of 40)
Cadbury Bitsa Wispa Bags £1 PM (Box of 10)
Nestle Munchies Pouch 104g (Box of 8)
Cadbury Twirl Chocolate Bars (Box of 48)
Cadbury Picnic (Box of 36)
Galaxy Caramel Chocolate Bars (Box of 24)
Kinder Chocolate 8 Pack £1 PM (Box of 10)

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