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Swizzels Barley Sugar (3kg Bag)
Swizzels Butterscotch (3kg Bag)
Swizzels Candy Whistles (Box of 60)
Swizzels Double Dip Original (Box of 36)
Swizzels Double Lollies (3kg Bag)
Swizzels Double Lollies (Tub of 130)
Swizzels Drumstick Chew Bars (Box of 60)
Swizzels Drumstick Lollies (3kg Bag)
Swizzels Drumstick Lolly (Box of 60)
Swizzels Fruity Pops (3kg Bag)
Swizzels Fruity Pops (Tub of 130)
Swizzels Fun Gums Fried Eggs (Tub of 600)
Swizzels Fun Gums Milk Bottles (Tub of 600)
Swizzels Fun Gums Mushroom (Tub of 600)
Swizzels Fun Gums Pigs Mugs (Tub of 120)
Swizzels Giant Fizzers Rolls (Box of 24)
Swizzels Giant Love Heart Rolls (Box of 24)
Swizzels Loadsa Chews Bags £1 PM (Box of 12)
Swizzels Love Hearts Dips (Box of 36)
Swizzels Love Hearts Mini Rolls (3kg Bag)
Swizzels Love Hearts Tin 100g (Box of 12)
Swizzels Mega Double Lollies (Box of 36)
Swizzels Mega Drumstick Lollies (Box of 36)
Swizzels Mini Me Chews (3kg Bag)
Swizzels Mini Sweet Mix (3kg Bag)
Swizzels Original Fizzers (3kg Bag)

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