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Trolli Apple Ring (Tub of 150)
Trolli Big Bear (Tub of 150)
Trolli Blob Bags 175g (Box of 18)
Trolli Dino Rex 200g (Box of 18)
Trolli Dracula 200g (Box of 12)
Trolli Fried Eggs (Tub of 150)
Trolli Fruit Cake 23g (Box of 24)
Trolli Give Me 5 (Tub of 150)
Trolli Glotzer 75g (Box of 21)
Trolli Hot Dogs 14g (Box of 36)
Trolli Milch Kuh 200g (Box of 15)
Trolli Milky Cow (Milch Kuh) (1kg Bag)
Trolli Mini Burger 9g (Box of 72)
Trolli Mini Dracula (Box of 150)
Trolli Mini Pizza 17g (Box of 48)
Trolli Octopus (Tintenfisch) (1kg Bag)
Trolli Peach Rings (Tub of 150)
Trolli Pingummi (1kg Bag)
Trolli Pingummi 175g (Box of 18)
Trolli Playmouse (1kg Bag)
Trolli Playmouse 200g (Box of 15)
Trolli Sea Creatures (1kg Bag)
Trolli Sharks (Haifische) (Tub of 150)
Trolli Sour Glow Worms (1kg Bag)
Trolli Sour Glow Worms (Tub of 150)
Trolli Sour Glow Worms 200g (Box of 18)
Trolli Sour Strawberries (Tub of 150)
Trolli Strawberry Kisses (Tub of 150)

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