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Atomic Treasure Gift Box

The Amazing Atomic Retro Gift Box

The perfect Secret Santa gift, stocking filler or fun Retro Christmas present.

Our fantastic looking gift box is jam packed with 16 of the most nostalgic retro sweets ever.

Take a delicious trip down memory lane, and reminisce in classics like Wham Bars, Sherbet Double Dip, Space Dust (popping candy) and a bag of tasty Chocolate White Mice. Our Atomic Gift Box (mini sweetshop in a box) also has tuckshop favourites like Black Jacks, Fruit Salads and Anglo Bubbly Bubblegum, plus loads more.

No matter who the gift is for, women, men, girls or boys, kids or adults the LetterBox Buster gift box is perfect.

Great value and super fun our Retro Atomic Gift Box (mini sweetshop in a box) is perfect for him or her

Don’t be in the Dog House this Christmas, order yours today.

The Original Atomic Retro Sweet Shop in a Letterbox contains:

  • Anglo Bubbly, Black Jacks Chews, Fruit Salad Chews, Candy Whistle, Dip Dab, Candy Necklace, Giant Bubble Gum Strip
  • Double Sherbet Dip, Fizz Wiz (space dust, popping candy), Candy Cigarette Sticks Box, Flumps Marshmallow
  • Refresher Chew Bar, Wham Original Chew Bar, Drumstick Original Chew Bar, Rainbow Drops, White Chocolate Mice

On rare occasions we may have to replace an item, rest assured it will always be replaced with a equally retro equivalent.


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Additional information

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