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Solar Chocolate Treasure Gift Box

Just imagine the look on their face when they open up this wonderful Retro Sweets Gift Selection Box. Somehow we managed to cram pack a stunning 51 classic retro sweets into this Solar sweetshop in a box!

Bring back memories with this perfect retro gift idea.

Our Chocolate Solar sweet hamper contains an amazing selection of the best retro sweets and chocolate bars:

  • Black Jacks Chews
  • Fruit Salad Chews
  • Refresher Chews
  • Anglo Bubbly
  • Original Double Lollies
  • Drumstick Lollies
  • Love Heart Mini Rolls
  • Parma Violets
  • Fizzers Original,
  • Jelly Tots
  • Candy Necklace
  • Rainbow Drops
  • Candy Whistle
  • Candy Lipstick
  • Refresher Original Chew Bar
  • Drumstick Chew Bars
  • Double Dip
  • Chewits Stick
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Kids Bar
  • Curly Wurly
  • Tooty Frootie
  • Candy Sticks
  • Bubblegum Strip
  • Flying Saucers 55g bag
  • Blue Raspberry Bonbons
  • Gourmet Lollipop
  • Hannah White Mice Bags
  • Hannah White Jazzles Bag
  • Hannah Choc Jazzles Bag
  • Fizz Wiz (space dust) Strawberry
  • Flump
  • Sherbet Fountains
  • Wham Original Chew Bar
  • Fini Jelly Beans Bag
  • Fini Rollers

Last but not least in our Solar Chocolate Box you also get a Classic selection of 5 Full Size Chocolate Bars!

More sweets for your money, no other retro sweet box like it!

On rare occasions we may have to replace an item, rest assured it will always be replaced with a equally retro equivalent.


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Additional information

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