The Signature Collection by Elizabeth Shaw (400g gift box)


400g Box

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The Signature Collection by Elizabeth Shaw (400g gift box)

Deliciously smooth liqueur centres encased in rich dark chocolate. These classic chocolates are made to a unique recipe, ensuring a silky liquid centre and luxurious taste.

Beautifully presented and individually wrapped, we use some of the world’s most famous liqueurs: Cointreau┬«, Courvoisier┬« VS Cognac, Harveys┬« Bristol Cream┬«, Irish Cream, Drambuie┬« and Grant’s┬«.

The Signature Collection is a Christmas and Father’s Day favourite and makes an ideal gift.

Box measures approx. 360mm x 260mm x 30mm

Sugar, cocoa mass, invert sugar syrup, cocoa butter, maltodextrin, Irish Cream Liqueur (3.5%), HARVEYS® BRISTOL CREAM® Sherry (2.5%), vegetable fat, Drambuie® Liqueur (2%), Cointreau® Liqueur (2%), COURVOISIER® VS Cognax (1.5%), William Grant’s® Finest Scotch Whisky (1.5%), emulsifier: soya lecithin, alcohol, butter fat, flavourings.

Chocolate contains vegetable fats in addition to cocoa butter.

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 3 cm



Milk Chocolate


Suitable for Vegetarians


Elizabeth Shaw


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