Walkers Max Paprika – 24 x 50g Bags per Box


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Walkers Max Paprika – 24 x 50g Bags per Box

Paprika Want to spice up your life? Then grab a bag of Walkers Max Paprika flavour.

It’s a taste that packs a punch – hardly surprising when you find out that the peppers that make Paprika are related to chillies.

So next time you want to turn up the heat, turn it up to the Max with Paprika flavour! 24 x 50g BagsNation’s favourite Crisps

100% British potatoes

Walkers Crisps are made from good old British spuds.

From field to crisp

Ever wondered, while tucking into a bag of Walkers, how our crisps are made? Well, we’d love to be able to pretend that it’s a terribly complicated process like rocket science, so that you’d be really impressed with how clever we are.

But the fact is that making our crisps is fairly simple.

1. Plant a potato seed and pray for some good old British weather!

2. Pick, and double check it’s a top quality spud

3. Wash, peel and slice it

4. Cook in SUNSEED Oil – naturally lower in saturates

5. Season with a sprinkle of Walkers magic!

And that’s it. From farmer’s field to your taste buds in five simple steps! We said it wasn’t rocket science…

The Walkers Story

Long, long ago (well, the 1880’s) in a Midlands town not so far away (Leicester!), a butcher named Henry Walker opened a new butcher’s shop and for a while things went well.

But by 1945 meat was scarce so that Henry branched out and began cooking slices of potato.

They sold well and in 1954 the first flavoured crisps were created, Cheese and Onion was born! Henry Walker became Walkers and by the 1980’s, we had loads of great flavours and chose Leicester’s favourite son Gary Lineker to help sell our tasty wares to the world.

And the rest, as they say, is history.


Potatoes, Sunflower Oil (33%), Paprika Seasoning, Paprika Seasoning contains: Sugar, Salt, Flavourings (with Barley), Paprika, Glucose, Dried Onion, Wheat Rusk, Dried Tomato, Dried Garlic, Colour (Paprika Extract)

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Additional information

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Suitable for Vegetarians


Walkers Crisps

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