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Anglo Bubbly Bubblegum (Box of 240)
Barratt Black Jack Stick Packs (Box of 40)
Barratt Fruit Salad Stick Packs (Box of 40)
Barratt Sour Bonbons (3kg Bag)
Barratt Wham Original Chew Bars (Box of 60)
Bazooka Original Bubble Gum (Box of 12)
Bazooka Original Chew Bars (Box of 60)
Blue Gum Nuggets (Box of 24)
Bubbaloo Strawberry (Box of 60)
Buchanan's Rich Liquorice Toffee (2.5kg Bag)
Buchanan's Toffee Whirl (2.5kg Bag)
Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs Carton 420g
Carachoc Chocolate Toffee (3kg Bag)
Chewits Chew Mix Bag £1 PM (Box of 12)
Fini Camel Balls Bubblegum (Box of 200)
Fini Watermelon Fizzy Bubblegum (Box of 200)
Golden Gum Nuggets Bags (Box of 24)
Gray's Traditional Teacakes (2.72kg Box)
Haribo Maoam Bloxx (2.2kg Tub)
Haribo Maoam Bloxx (Tub of 40)
Haribo Maoam Bloxx Sour (Tub of 40)
Haribo Maoam Joystixx (2.2kg Tub)
Haribo Maoam Stripes (Tub of 120)
Honeycomb Cinder Toffee (2.5kg Bag)
Jameson's Chocolate Caramels (1.5kg Jar)

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