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Cadbury Mini Eggs Bags 80g (Box of 24)
Cadbury Mini Eggs Share Bag 296g
Cadbury Twirl Bites Bag £1 PM (Box of 10)
Galaxy Golden Eggs Bag 80g (Box of 22)
Galaxy Golden Eggs Sharing Pouch 340g
Guylian Temptations Pouch 522g
Kinder Mini Eggs Bag 75g (Box of 22)
M& M's Chocolate Bag 45g (Box of 24)
M& M's Chocolate Treat Bag £1 PM (Box of 16)
M& M's Crispy Pouch 121g (Box of 12)
M& M's Peanut
M& M's Peanut Share Bag 140g (Box of 12)
M& M's Peanut Standard Bags (Box of 24)
M& Ms Chocolate Pouch 133g (Box of 12)
Maltesers Easter Mix Sharing Pouch 270g
Maltesers Treat Bag 68g £1 PM (Box of 24)
Nestle Munchies Pouch 104g (Box of 8)
Nestle Pick & Mix Pouch 104g (Box of 8)
Nestle Quality Street Pouch 500g
Nestle Rolo Pouch 116g (Box of 8)

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