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Assorted Fruit Chews (2kg Bag)
Barratt Black Jack Chews (Box of 400)
Barratt Fruit Salad Chews (Box of 400)
Chupa Chups Cherry Stix (Box of 150)
Chupa Chups Cola Stix (Box of 150)
Fruittella Duo Stix (2kg Bag)
Fruittella Juicy Chews (2kg Bag)
Kingsway ABC Letters(1.75kg Bag)
Kingsway Candy Necklaces 2.25kg (Pack of 100)
Kingsway Candy Watches 2.25kg (Pack of 100)
Kingsway Fruit Caramels (3kg Bag)
Kingsway Rock Candies (3kg Bag)
Kingsway Shrimps (3kg Bag)
Kingsway Sugar Free Fruit Chews (2kg Bag)
Kingsway Super Shrimps (3kg Bag)
Millions Apple (2.27kg Jar)
Millions Blackcurrant Buzz (2.27kg Jar)
Millions Bubblegum (2.27kg Jar)
Millions Cherry (2.27kg Jar)
Millions Cola (2.27kg Jar)
Millions Raspberry (2.27kg Jar)
Millions Strawberry (2.27kg Jar)
Millions Vimto (2.27kg Jar)
Softies Fruit Chews (Drum of 200)
Strawberry Ice Squares (Box of 200)
Verquin Fruit Sticks (2kg Bag)
Westheads Cough Candy (3kg Bag)

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